This site was created to develop a link to our Clean Rivers Website (netmwd.com), that could be dedicated to information regarding the protection of water quality and things being done by various entities in our basin. With the ever-increasing awareness on a most valuable resource(WATER), the district and other entities in the Cypress Creek Basin are pursuing ways to protect our water resources. This site includes the district's program information and information on other water quality related projects working or being implemented in our basin.
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 The Northeast Texas Municipal Water District (NETMWD) operates in Marion, Morris, Camp, Cass, and Upshur counties. Our Board of Directors consists of seven members, each member selected by their respective city councils to represent that city. The seven member cities of the district are Jefferson, Avinger, Ore City, Daingerfield, Pittsburg, Hughes Springs, and Lone Star. The district is charged with the orderly development and conservation of the water resources in the Cypress Basin. It is fully self-supporting and no state funds are allocated for its basic operations. The district has and always will have a long-standing commitment to our customer cities and the inhabitants of the Cypress Basin, including people, animals, and aquatic life.

  The Watershed Protection Program was approved by the Board of Directors in September 2000 as an approach to provide protection of the watershed of Lake O the Pines and provide a distinct connection to the Clean Rivers Program. The Program was initiated on November 13, 2000, with the addition of Howard Pafford, NETMWDs Water Protection Specialist I. The most recent addition to the watershed protection staff is Ric Blevins, Water Protection Specialist II, brought on board in February 2002 and Ric is responsible for the solid waste project.

 To assure a successful effort, each project that has been added to the program has a direct connection to a water quality issue. Success, in terms of actual water quality changes may not be apparent immediately, however water quality changes will be evident within the program's third year. The program is broken into several projects. Each project plays a role in the monitoring, correcting and mitigating water quality problems, and in the education of water quality issues.

 Staff will continue to find ways to protect the Lake O the Pines Watershed, through grants when they become available, and through public awareness and education. For questions or if you have a concern about water quality, please call Howard Pafford or Ric Blevins.
Program Projects:
Water Quality Complaints
On-Site Sewage Facilities
Solid Waste Enforcement
Marine Sanitation Devices - Lake O' the Pine